Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm always losing to win.

Aren't you so pleased with yourself, being out every night
with drugs and chalked love on the sidewalks outside
rejecting cabs that pass by?

Do you want to play dress up and mess up my room?
Do you want to lie down but put a line down instead?
Do you want clear skin and clean hair, not an ounce of waste anywhere?
Do you want tiny reminders to remember you were there?
Red and orange paints,
sleep all days,
dead phone calls,
new-old sweaters
fur hats and panic attacks?

What do you want?

All I can give you is
all the same words
on all the same days
stranger than the ones that came before them
and likely no stranger than the ones that await.

1 comment:

  1. Another writer blogger, how very exciting! These hotties are very annoying I suggest we just stay skinny and smoke - like I said they can just c*nt off...

    Thanks for the support, love this post - very telling of my life actually... I guess I just want it all, plus a talking monkey...

    MM x