Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Acid House Killed Rock n' Roll

Things I Have Learned In January 2009
[various sources]

Mondays are the new Fridays for going out and getting absolutely shitwrecked (not only are they more fun, free drinks are also easier to come by).
Tuesday nights are the new Sunday nights for being domestic and well-behaved (while only partially drunk).
Black is the new neon to "everyone who matters" (in this stupid, pretentious, late-on-the-mark fucking city).
EVERYONE KNOWS EVERYONE and nothing is private (particularly when you still don't have a door on your room).
My family are the best friends I could ever ask for in the world (I have no snarky comment to add to this, it's quite simply just true).
Sleep and food are important things for living human beings to get (but you can, on average, go 36-48 hours without either and be fine...or at least seem like it as far as your colleagues are concerned).
Not working with your roommates is a really, really good thing (getting their discount at the places they work, on the other hand, is).
Craigslist missed connections is the most entertaining thing to be found on the internet (the more hostile the post the better).
And sadly acid house did kill rock n' roll (but thankfully it also gave us Primal Scream).

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